Friday, September 25, 2009

Written on 14 September 2009 Montpellier Time

I received my class schedule today and begin school tomorrow. It's exciting to get back into something I enjoy. I have loved the relative freedom I have had my first couple of weeks in Montpellier. However, I was starting to get restless. I had the same feeling before I left to come to Montpellier. Summer, although wonderful, seems to take a little bit too long sometimes. I wanted, and will get tomorrow, an avenue to channel my energies. Something productive, challenging, and educational that will force me to use my mind in a result oriented setting. My challenges will be four seperate french language courses, a french economic and social class, and a history class. Altogether, it will be sixteen hours per week of classes spoken entirely in french. My schedule is heavy Tuesday through Thursday with only one class on Monday evening and nothing on Friday. I will work Monday and Friday afternoons for three hours at the Office of International Relations. All in all, I love the schedule. It will keep me busy throughout the week yet allow me enough time to study on Monday and Friday. Most importantly, it is nice to finally have a plan. Taking away the uncertainties of what you will do next will undoubtedly help me get more comfortable here. Although, somethings are still not fine-tuned, I like to back in the thick of things. After a while, I felt as if I was fomenting on the fringes of life, sitting and watching at my café as others pass through their everyday routines while I stood by contemplating thoughts that had no concrette way of being express in a contemporary outlet. I will try not to take away from summer too much, I love it. It is a chance to engage yourself in what you are truly passionate about. However, school and other enterprises allow you to express the improvements or diminutions you have either gained or slacked off in obtaining over you break. For this reason, it is nice to plunge my efforts back into something that does not permeate from me, dictated by others and the course I wish to take with my life.

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