Friday, September 11, 2009

Written on 07 September 2009 at 8:15 Montpellier Time

After a few errands this morning, I thought i would head to to the beach. As should be expected in France, people were free to roam nude? Yes, the infamous, nudist beaches of Europe. That place, when mentioned before I left, that inevitably led to a "Sweet Dude" response from my male, not to mention college, friends. There I was, amidst the place that intrigued me so deeply as a child watching the slide show of my parents' trip to Europe. But what I found was more National Geographic that Playboy, more reading than observing. I had to give it to these women, if males can walk bare chested around a beach, so should women. In the settting, the objects lost the sexual power they hold over us men. It was natural, consistent with the demands of the environment. There was something very egalitarian about it. Without hiding the objects of many a man's lure and other's obsession, it exemplified taking a woman for more than her sexual appeal, which, I believe is done far too often by kids my age. Perhaps that is a little too dramatic, maybe it would just be better to add it to the list of things described as french. Add it to wine, caf├ęs, cuisine, arrogance, fashion, architecture, the arts, and protest. I guess it was odd seeing it at first, but, after a few minutes, it became a nonentity.

My final roommate arrived this evening, she is an exchange student from Germany. She seems nice and should be a pleasure to live with.

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